Drone Delivery – Patiently Waiting For The World To Be Ready

The Best Drones for Delivery: Microdrones Unmanned Cargo Systems

When it comes to delivering goods by drone, you want the most rugged, reliable, risk-free option. Microdrones UAVs aren’t just aircraft – they are precise geospatial tools. This makes them a great choice for unmanned cargo systems.

Drone Delivery Is The Future
(Which Means The Future Is Safe, Fast, Sustainable, And Cost-Effective) 

Safety. Speed. Cost. Sustainability – these are all great reasons why drone delivery is the way of the future. At Microdrones, we’re not just building aircraft, we’re setting the standard for delivery drones. Our systems operate with incredible power and precision. When the regulations allow for drone delivery, we’re ready.

With GPS waypoint navigation, our Parcelcopters have already delivered urgent medicines and other goods to hard-to-reach, remote areas, crossing high mountains and bodies of water on their way.

The international logistics leader DHL has already used a Microdrones md4-1000 UAV to deliver a package. In a successful test flight at DHL’s headquarters, the “Parcelcopter” undertook a delivery from a pharmacy on one side of the Rhine to their headquarters in Bonn’s Rheinaue district on the other side of the river.

Drone delivery with a Microdrones UAV is already possible. We’re just waiting for the world to catch up. Together with our partners we are continuously investing in further research and development work on new unmanned cargo technologies and methods to improve the logistics of tomorrow.