Microdrones mdCockpit app running on a Samsung tablet, top view. icon mdCockpit

Powerful Drone Software That Makes Work Easy

Our UAV Software Simplifies Flight Planning, Monitoring, and Analysis.

The mdCockpit software was designed to provide users with powerful tools that are easy to use. Available in versions for Android tablets and PCs, we highly recommend using our mdCockpit app.

Microdrones mdCockpit app running on a Samsung tablet.

mdCockpit App for Android Tablets

The mdCockpit Android tablet app was designed to give users power and flexibility from any location. Easily plan flights, adjust those plans on the job, monitor your missions, and analyze data right from your tablet. Convenient features like batch waypoint mission planning, resume flight function, and fixed yaw survey make missions even more simple. We encourage all Microdrones users to try mdCockpit.

Microdrones mdCockpit running on a laptop

mdCockpit for Desktops

mdCockpit for desktops is robust software that gives you power over the most minute details of your drone and mission. While the mdCockpit app is sufficient for the vast majority of users, the desktop software is available for those who want greater control over their aircraft and missions. Designed for intuitive use, mdCockpit software lets you master mission planning, monitoring, and analysis.